Saturday, 30 July 2011

My most recent purchase

Whilst abroad last week I decided to make the most of the duty free goods that were available and so I purchased a new Tag Heuer watch - whilst I'm not sure what the copyright issues are on this picture I will simply externally link it to you *The Watch*

The watch is extremely lightweight yet suits my needs as someone who has a passion for luxury watches - however I will not be able to wear the watch until the 24th August when it is finally delivered. I will provide a thorough review on this blog when I receive the watch and will provide a list of all advantages and disadvantages of the watch - I simply wanted to blog through my excitement of purchasing this watch!

When abroad in the Caribean, I saw a variety of beautiful watches that I only wish I could purchase, among these were a number of Cartier and Breitling watches - absolutely beautiful and perfect pieces of jewellery that will be mine - one day!


  1. Tag Heuer make beautiful watches!

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  2. Pretty nifty watch you got there!

  3. Sweet watch you got there. My dad used to collect watches from all the countries he visited.

    Good luck on the blog! +1 follower

  4. really nice watch, though pocket watches are betting in my opinion

  5. Just discovered your blog but I'm loving it, and also have money to buy the watch ,but cannot!

    You have a new follower sir!